8(g) Grants
The 8(g) Guide

The 8(g) Guide is a helpful introduction to
BESE's 8(g) grant programs, providing basic
history, details on program types and
eligibility requirements (PDF file).

Louisiana’s Quality Education Support Fund, frequently referred to as 8(g), is the result of a 1953 federal settlement with several states over offshore drilling and development. The “8(g)” comes from the name of a 1986 amendment to the settlement, which gives Louisiana 27 percent of the money from such development. That same year, Louisiana citizens voted to use the money as a trust fund for education.

Since its inception, the 8(g) fund has assisted schools and districts statewide, enabling them to provide better educational opportunities for all of Louisiana’s children. Through its authority from the Louisiana Constitution, BESE established a structure for the orderly review, award, and administration of 8(g) grants. Eligible public and non-public systems, public independent schools, and approved non-public independent schools can access 8(g) funds by applying through the grant programs established by BESE.

For a detailed history of the 8(g) Quality Education Support Fund, click here.

8(g) Funding Guidelines and Methods
8(g) funds are awarded for specific purposes, and the monies are disbursed through one of three funding methods. Click here for more information.

8(g) Annual Programs and Reports
Each year, BESE compiles an annual report of the results gained by schools through use of 8(g) funds. Click here for a listing of the three previous years’ programs, budgets, and reports.