The BESE Code
The BESE Code is the body of rules and provisions which govern the operating procedures of BESE, its officers and staff, its committees and advisory councils, and the State Superintendent of Education of the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE). The current BESE code may be accessed from our Policies/Bulletins page.

A listing of the Board's policies and bulletins is available here.

Strategic Plan
Under Act 1465 of the 1997 Louisiana Legislature, BESE is responsible for creating and implementing a strategic plan. Click here for more information.

The agendas and materials for all Board meetings, past and present, can be located here. Agendas for upcoming meetings are generally released 10 days prior to the date of the meeting.

BESE posts the official minutes of its monthly meetings and any called/special meetings of the Board here after the minutes have been ratified by Board action. The official minutes of a meeting remain available online for a full year. Hard copies are available from the BESE office for $0.25 a page through a written public records request.

Press releases and other updates on BESE activity are posted here.

Rulemaking Docket
BESE's Rulemaking Docket provides information on the status of proposed rule changes. Click here to view the docket.