Policy Decisions
The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has the constitutional and statutory authority to make policy decisions that govern the public education system of the state. It also exercises budgetary responsibility for all funds appropriated or allocated by the state for schools under its jurisdiction.

Acting in its capacity as a quasi-legislative body, the Board adopts policies and regulatory rules which have the force and effect of law.  The regulatory policies adopted by the Board are contained in the bulletins compiled by the Department of Education or BESE.  In accordance with R.S. 49:950 et seq., the Administrative Procedure Act, all regulatory policies adopted by BESE are advertised as Notices of Intent and Rules in the Louisiana Register.  Rules become part of the Louisiana Administrative Code, the official compilation of administrative rules published by state agencies and boards, when they are promulgated in the Louisiana Register.  Title 28, Education, Part I (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education) of the Louisiana Administrative Code contains additional policies and operational procedures.

Online Education Bulletins
Online regulatory publications (bulletins) are available through the Louisiana Register.  Questions regarding the following bulletins should be directed to the LDE Policy Office at 225.342.3772. Links will be updated monthly as rules are adopted.

Rulemaking Docket / Act 401 Compliance
BESE maintains an online Rulemaking Docket in compliance with Act 401 of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session, specifically the reporting requirements outlined in R.S. 49:974. The docket contains information on Notices of Intent, Emergency Rules and other current rulemaking activity. Click here to view the BESE Rulemaking Docket.

BULLETIN 102 - Louisiana Physical Education Content Standards
Revised December 2009

BULLETIN 103 - Louisiana Health Education Content Standards
Revised July 2011

BULLETIN 104 - Louisiana K-12 Educational Technology Standards
Revised May 2009

BULLETIN 106 - Agriculture Education Content Standards Curriculum Framework
Revised December 2003

BULLETIN 107 - Health Occupations Content Standards Curriculum Framework
Revised December 2003

BULLETIN 108 - Marketing Education Content Standards Curriculum Framework
Revised December 2003

BULLETIN 109 - Family and Consumer Sciences Content Standards
Revised December 2003

BULLETIN 110 - Technology Ed Content Standards Curriculum Framework
Revised December 2004

BULLETIN 111 - The LA School, District, and State Accountability System
Revised July 2016

BULLETIN 112 - Louisiana English Language Development Standards
Revised April 2004

BULLETIN 113 - LA Reading and Language Competencies for New Teachers
Revised November 2014 

BULLETIN 114 - Trade and Indus. Ed. Content Stds.-Automotive, Carpentry
Revised December 2004

BULLETIN 115 - Trade and Indus. Ed. Content Stds.-Drafting, Elec., Heating
Revised April 2006

BULLETIN 116 - Louisiana Classical Languages Content Standards
Revised July 2005

BULLETIN 118 - Statewide Assessment Standards and Practices
Revised May 2016 

BULLETIN 119 - Louisiana School Transportation Specifications and Procedures
Revised February 2016

BULLETIN 121 - STAR Content Standards Curriculum Framework
Revised June 2006

BULLETIN 122 - Trade and Industrial Education Curricula
Revised July 2006
BULLETIN 125 - Standards for Educational Leaders in Louisiana
Revised April 2011 

BULLETIN 126 - Charter Schools
Revised November 2016

BULLETIN 127 - LEAP Alternate Assessment, Level 1 (LAA 1) Extended Standards
Revised December 2008

BULLETIN 128 - Entrepreneurship Content Standards Curriculum Framework
Revised July 2008

BULLETIN 129 - The Recovery School District
Revised November 2016 

BULLETIN 130 - Regulations for the Evaluation and Assessment of School Personnel
Revised July 2015

BULLETIN 131 - Alternative Education Schools/Programs Standards  
Adopted February 2015

BULLETIN 132 - Louisiana Course Choice Program 
Adopted December 2014

BULLETIN 133 - Scholarship Programs 
Revised April 2016 

BULLETIN 134 - Tuition Donation Rebate Program
Revised April 2016

BULLETIN 135 - Health and Safety
Revised February 2015

BULLETIN 136 - The Louisiana Standards for Early Childhood Care and Education Programs Serving Children Birth-Five Years
Adopted September 2013

BULLETIN 137 - Louisiana Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations
Revised April 2016

BULLETIN 138 - Jump Start Program
Revised October 2015

BULLETIN 139 - Louisiana Child Care and Development Fund Program
Revised November 2016

BULLETIN 140 - Louisiana Child Care and Education Network
Adopted November 2016

BULLETIN 141 - Louisiana Standards for English Language Arts
Adopted July 2016

BULLETIN 142 - Louisiana Standards for Mathematics
Adopted July 2016

BULLETIN 741 - Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators
Revised November 2016

BULLETIN 741 (NONPUBLIC) - LA Handbook for Nonpublic School Administrators
Revised July 2016

BULLETIN 746 - LA Standards for State Certification of School Personnel
Revised November 2016

BULLETIN 921 -  Policy and Procedure Manual for the Louisiana Quality Education Support Fund 8(g)
Adopted December 2012

BULLETIN 996 - Standards for Approval of Teacher and/or Educational Leader Preparation Programs
Revised May 2015

BULLETIN 1508 - Pupil Appraisal Handbook
Revised March 2016 

BULLETIN 1530 - Louisiana IEP Handbook for Students with Exceptionalities
Revised March 2015 

BULLETIN 1566 - Pupil Progression Policies and Procedures
Revised July 2015 

BULLETIN 1573 - Complaint Management Procedures
Revised July 2003

BULLETIN 1674 - Safety Manual for Career and Technical Education Programs
Adopted January 2007

BULLETIN 1706 - Regulations for Implementation of the Children with Exceptionalities Act
Revised February 2016

BULLETIN 1903 - Regulations and Guidelines for Education of Dyslexic Students
Revised September 2002

BULLETIN 1922 - Compliance Monitoring Procedures
Revised November 2011

BULLETIN 1929 - Louisiana Accounting and Uniform Governmental Handbook
Revised July 2014

BULLETIN 1962 - Louisiana Science Content Standards
Revised November 2005

BULLETIN 1963 - Louisiana State Arts Content Standards
Revised June 2003

BULLETIN 1964 - Louisiana Social Studies Content Standards
Revised November 2005

BULLETIN 1977 - Business Education Content Standards Curriculum Framework
Revised May 2004