2020 State Superintendent Search/Selection


CURRENT STATUS: Dr. Cade Brumley appointed, confirmed as Louisiana State Superintendent of Education

The Superintendent Search Work Group of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) initiated a preliminary round of recorded video interviews with each of the six candidates in contention for the position of Louisiana State Superintendent of Education, identified by BESE from the original list of 21 candidates. These video interviews, conducted from March 31 through April 2, 2020, were anchored by, and limited to, a standardized list of questions selected by the BESE work group and based on the input of key education stakeholders across the state. Work group chair, Ms. Kira Orange Jones, BESE District 2, and work group member, Mr. Ronnie Morris, BESE District 6, facilitated these interviews by posing the same questions, taken from the uniform list of questions, to each and every candidate. The list of questions was not provided to candidates in advance of the recorded interviews.

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Public Feedback

An online survey was conducted from April 14 through April 24, 2020 in an effort to collect public feedback on topics related to the superintendent search. Survey participants designated their parish and zip code information (individual names were optional) when completing the survey. At the end of this survey period, feedback was captured in two ways:

  1. Segmented reporting according to participant BESE District so that BESE members are able to review comments specific to individual BESE member jurisdiction;
  2. Comprehensive reporting reflecting the responses statewide.


Download the quantitative data analysis report on the public survey results here.




The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is seeking a dedicated, innovative and experienced leader to become its next State Superintendent of Education. The next Superintendent must deepen the impact of Louisiana’s improvement efforts over the past two decades, support schools and school systems to implement solutions that will accelerate progress, and continue to raise expectations for performance to ensure the state’s more than 700,000 students are on track to college, career and life of their choosing.   

Over the course of the past two decades, tremendous progress has been made across Louisiana’s education systems thanks to the hard work of students, families and educators. The state’s improvement on NAEP since 2009 in all subjects significantly exceeds national trends and, in 2019, Louisiana ranked #1 in the nation for improvement in 8th grade mathematics. Since implementing new, standards-aligned tests in 2015, the percent of students achieving mastery has increased 7% points in ELA and 4% points in math. At the high school level, the number of students earning Advanced Placement credit each year has increased by more than 3,800 since 2012, an increase of more than 167%, and more students graduated in 2018 than ever before with a graduation rate of 81.4%. This is an increase of over 5,000 students since 2012, far exceeding the nation’s growth.

We seek a leader who can help continue the state’s forward trajectory and also address the significant challenges that remain. Too many students graduating from high school require remediation for success in college-level coursework. And while academic achievement rises, gaps among student subgroups must be closed. Across the state, disadvantaged students are more likely to attend struggling schools and experience less access to enriching experiences that may spark lifelong interests. Alongside this, Louisiana must continue to strengthen and elevate the educator profession and ensure professional development and supports that allow them to improve their practice in the classroom.

Further, the next State Superintendent must strengthen the implementation of Louisiana’s academic plan and build upon the bold commitment in the state’s ESSA plan to raise student, educator and school expectations to ensure that every student is on track to college or a career, and to support school systems in this process.  Additionally, the next State Superintendent must have an appreciation that diverse school models and allowing students and families to choose what best meets their needs are critical to continuing the path to progress and stronger outcomes for students.  

Accelerating the pace of change in our schools and classrooms will mean:
  • Raising fundamental expectations for students to be equal with their peers across the country;
  • Increasing access to quality early childhood education by unifying childcare, Head Start, and pre-kindergartens in improving and expanding networks and in partnership with public-private community networks focused on high-quality early learning experiences for students and families;
  • Continuing to strengthen alignment and coherence in the statewide system of standards, curricula, assessments and professional learning;
  • Continuing to strengthen and support diverse school model options that promote parental choice;
  • Delivering targeted funding to students and schools who are the most in need;
  • Fostering and funding strategies to support persistently struggling schools;
  • Providing every student with enriching experiences and a well-rounded education that is recognized in the state’s accountability system;
  • Ensuring that all educators in Louisiana, from aspiring teachers to school system leaders, have access to high-quality training and career advancement opportunities;
  • Placing future teachers in classrooms under a mentor educator for yearlong, classroom-based residencies that prepare them for day one in their own classrooms; and
  • Delivering on the promise that Louisiana’s graduates have the credentials and funding they need for their next step of education or career preparation.

    The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.




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