About BESE
BESE was established by the 1974 Louisiana Constitution.  The Board is composed of 11 members:  eight elected by the citizens of Louisiana’s eight BESE districts, and three appointed by the governor of Louisiana to represent the state at-large. Together, these members adopt and enact policies governing the elementary and secondary schools of Louisiana.

BESE’s Responsibility
Click here to learn more about BESE’s responsibilities and authority, and to access links to the Board’s official vision and mission statements.

Understanding BESE’s structure is vital in understanding how it functions. Click here for more information on how BESE is organized.

Louisiana’s Constitutional Convention of 1973 resulted in the creation of Louisiana’s 1974 Constitution, which established BESE.  Click here for more detailed information.

Map of BESE Districts
Click here for a map of Louisiana’s eight BESE districts.

BESE Members by District
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BESE has several standing committees which consider issues within their specific subject areas and then make recommendations to the Board as a whole. 

Task Forces and Commissions
Unlike committees, task forces and commissions are essentially “ad-hoc” (temporary) groups that are established for a specific duty or purpose; they are disbanded once their purpose is completed.  Click here for more information on BESE’s current task forces and commissions.

Advisory Councils
BESE’s advisory councils are composed of education, business, and community leaders with the background necessary to provide the Board with expert advice on issues it is considering. 

BESE Staff
For a listing of BESE staff, click here.