Task Forces/Commissions
Unlike committees, task forces and commissions are essentially “ad-hoc” (temporary) groups that are established for a specific duty or purpose; they are disbanded once their purpose is completed.

From time to time, BESE, the governor, or the Louisiana Legislature may create cooperative partnerships or study groups to investigate and/or make recommendations on special issues, as well as oversee the implementation of recommendations by previous such groups.  These groups may be known as task forces, commissions, or study groups.

Minimum Foundation Program Task Force
In Spring 2013, BESE discussed establishing a Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) advisory group for the purpose of considering revisions to the MFP formula for the 2014-2015 school year. The Board approved a proposal and process from the BESE President, Chair of the Administration and Finance Committee, and State Superintendent of Education in Summer 2013. The MFP Task Force, as created and approved by BESE, is charged with studying and making recommendations relative to the 2014-2015 MFP.

Find out more about the MFP Task Force here.

School and District Accountability Commission
In response to public demand for an improved public system, the 1997 Louisiana Legislature created the School and District Accountability Commission (Act 478) and gave it the responsibility of recommending to BESE a statewide system of accountability for public education in Louisiana. Louisiana's Public Education Accountability System is based on the concept of continuous growth. Every school can improve and is expected to show academic growth. Every school is compared to itself. The system is designed to encourage and support school improvement by:
  • Clearly establishing the state's goals for schools and students;
  • Creating an easy way to communicate to schools and the public how well a school is performing;
  • Recognizing schools for effectiveness in demonstrating growth in student achievement; and
  • Focusing attention, energy, and resources on those schools that need help in improving student achievement.