About BESE

Upcoming Meetings
May 25 RSD Committee of the Whole
6:30 p.m., Arthur Ashe Charter School
1456 Gardena Dr., New Orleans
May 26 Superintendents' Advisory Council
9:00 a.m., Thomas Jefferson Rm. 1-136
Claiborne Building, Baton Rouge

May 27 Public Hearing, Notices of Intent
(LAC 28: Bulletins 141,142)

9:00 a.m., Louisiana Purchase Rm. 1-100
Claiborne Building, Baton Rouge

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) is the administrative body for all Louisiana public elementary and secondary schools; it also performs certain administrative functions for the state's non-public elementary and secondary schools. BESE adopts regulations and enacts policies governing the operations of the schools under its jurisdiction, and exercises budgetary oversight of their educational programs and services.

BESE believes that every child is valued, every child will learn, and that the future of the state and its quality of life depend on an educated citizenry. BESE is committed to making informed policy decisions that will result in improved academic achievement and educational opportunities for all students.


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