Annual Reports - Educator Certfication Revocations and Records Reviews 

Louisiana educator credentials can be sanctioned for a conviction of certain criminal offenses, for the submission of fraudulent documentation, for professional license censure, for failure to meet the standards for effectiveness, or for participation in cheating.

Per Louisiana Revised Statute 17:8.7, BESE shall not grant an educator credential, a teaching authorization, or a certification of any type to a person who has been convicted of or pled nolo contendere to any crime listed in R.S. 15:587.1(C).

BESE considers eligible requests for a appeal/records review. The board is not required to conduct an issuance or reinstatement records review and may summarily deny a request.

R.S.17:8.7 requires BESE to post on its website a report detailing the number of appeals filed with the board for the calendar year, the offense upon which the appeal is based, the disposition of each appeal, and the number of teacher certifications or other authorization to teach issued as the result of all successful appeals. Available reports are listed below.



2023 Annual Report Regarding Educator Certficiation Revocations and Records Reviews (PDF)