BESE Advisory Councils

BESE has created a number of advisory councils to assist the Board in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. Members of advisory councils are typically appointed and include education, business, and community leaders with the background necessary to provide the Board with expert advice on issues it is considering.


The function of BESE’s advisory councils is to advise the Board, directly or through its committees, in the discharge of its policymaking, supervisory control, and budgetary duties and responsibilities. Advisory councils deal exclusively with matters referred to them by the Board or the Louisiana Department of Education. Matters referred to advisory councils include those that require external input regarding funding decisions, policy matters that must be reviewed for local impact, bulletin revisions containing policies or supervisory controls, and matters particular to a council for which it was created.

Current BESE Advisory Councils include:

  • 8(g) Advisory Council (LAC 28:I.503.C.1.)
  • Nonpublic School Council (LAC 28:I.503.C.2.)
  • Superintendents' Advisory Council (LAC 28:I.503.C.3.)