Strategic Plan


  • BESE will provide leadership in setting an education agenda for the continuous improvement of public education, as measured by student and school achievement.

  • BESE will strive to improve financing of public education, as measured by the effective and efficient use of human and financial resources.


In accordance with Act 1465 of the 1997 Louisiana Legislature, BESE is responsible for creating and implementing a strategic plan based on the following constituents and methods of evaluation:

Benefits to Principal Clients and Users:

  • Students will benefit by being afforded an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential and graduate college and career ready.
  • Teachers/Administrators will benefit from an enhanced talent system that prepares, supports, and continuously builds the capacity of educators to increase student success.
  • Schools/School Districts will benefit from a results-oriented system focused on supporting and improving academic achievement.
  • Policymakers/administration will benefit from BESE policies that set standards for information management and program assessment to consider for future decision-making purposes.
  • Citizens will benefit from an educated and trained workforce to support a vital and growing economy.

In accordance with state law, BESE is required to make its strategic plan available to the public. Use the link below to access the most recent version of the plan.


BESE Strategic Plan - FY 2023-24 through FY 2027-2028
(PDF) Updated July 2022