The Board is composed of 11 members:

  • Eight members are elected, one from each of the state’s eight BESE districts, at the same time Louisiana’s governor is elected.
  • Three members are appointed by the governor to represent the state at-large.
  • Each Board member serves a four-year term that runs concurrently with the term of the governor.  

By law, BESE members must elect a president and a vice president from among their members; they may also elect other such officers that they consider necessary. Currently, the Board elects a president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer from its membership.  Each officer serves a term set by the Board, not to exceed one year. These officers assume their duties at the BESE meeting immediately following their election.

Click here for a listing of current BESE members and Board officers.


BESE functions similarly to the Louisiana Legislature: in order to handle the issues within its vast range of responsibilities, Board members are divided into separate committees:

  • Academic Goals and Instructional Improvement
  • Board Administration and Education Finance
  • Educator Effectiveness
  • School Innovation and Turnaround

Each committee considers issues within its specific subject area and then makes recommendations to the Board as a whole.  For a complete listing of BESE’s committees and their members, click here.