BESE Committees

BESE functions similarly to the Louisiana Legislature: in order to handle the issues within its vast range of responsibilities, Board members are divided into separate committees, with each committee considering issues related to a specific subject area. Committees then pass their recommendations to the entire Board.


Academic Goals & Instructional Improvement Committee 
Chair: Preston Castille
Members: Dr. Holly Boffy, Dr. Belinda Davis
The Academic Goals & Instructional Improvement Committee addresses issues related to accountability, academic standards, and assessment. The Committee also engages in policy discussions and decisions related to improving academic performance, closing the achievement gap, red tape reduction, and special/nonpublic school management. The Academic Goals and Instructional Improvement Committee includes a student member, who is selected each year through a competitive process sponsored by the Louisiana Association of Student Councils.

Administration & Finance Committee
Chair: Doris Voitier
Members: Jim Garvey, Ronnie Morris

The Administration & Finance Committee addresses Board operations and responses to legislative action. The Committee also performs budgetary oversight of the BESE, Louisiana Department of Education (LDE), Recovery School District (RSD), and Special School District (SSD) finances as well as Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) analysis and planning, RSD capital projects, and the 8(g) Grant Program.

Educator Effectiveness Committee
Chair: Ashley Ellis
Members: Sandy Holloway, Thomas Roque

The Educator Effectiveness Committee addresses issues related to education certification, evaluation, performance, and preparation.  Louisiana’s Teacher of the Year also serves on this committee.

School Innovation & Turnaround Committee
Chair: Ronnie Morris
Members: Michael Melerine, Kira Orange Jones
The School Innovation & Turnaround Committee addresses charter school performance, support, and oversight, as well as RSD performance management.