Current Initiatives


Accountability System Work Group

In August of 2021, BESE formed a work group to explore how the state measures, values, and rewards growth in the accountability formula. Subsequently, the board expanded the role of the work group to study the entirety of LA’s K-12 accountability system and provide BESE with considerations for adopting changes to the state’s accountability formula. The work group conducted meetings throughout 2022, and the Board adopted new accountability measures for grades K-2 in August 2022, based on the work group's recommendations. The group resumed its work in August 2023. Links to available video (beginning 1/10/22) and slide presentations for past meetings are listed below.


Louisiana Student Standards Review

Louisiana is continuing the state’s tradition of periodic professional reviews of the state’s academic content standards for students. This process will ensure that Louisiana maintains strong expectations for teaching and learning and that standards continue to prepare students to successfully transition to postsecondary education and the workplace.



Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Implementation

Passed by Congress in 2015, ESSA is a federal law that requires states to have a plan for spending federal funds, for measuring the skills students learn, and for supporting students in making academic progress. ESSA, which replaces the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), is largely focused on the needs of historically disadvantaged students, including students from low-income homes, students whose home language is not English, and students with disabilities. The law is not a federal plan; it is a federal law requiring states to develop their own plans. Louisiana's final plan will be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education in 2017 with the anticipation that it will be approved prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year.



Minimum Foundation Program

The Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) is the fiscal key to Louisiana’s goals of providing each Louisiana citizen with the minimum educational foundation for success.



Educator Effectiveness (Act 1)

Act 1, also known as the Talent Statute, allows districts and schools to make personnel policies and personnel decisions based on teacher effectiveness and performance.



Student Choice (Act 2)

Also referred to as the Choice Law, Act 2 increases parents’ and students’ ability to make choices in the educational process.



Early Childhood Education (Act 3)

Louisiana’s students must have a strong foundation to ensure their success at all levels of education.  Act 3, known as the Early Childhood Education Act, seeks to establish this foundation during early childhood.