New BESE sworn in, 2020 officers elected

Jan 16, 2020, 12:49 PM by BESE Admin

Today, members of the 2020-2023 Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) were sworn-in and Board officers elected during the Board’s meeting in Baton Rouge. The new Board elected District 3 BESE member Sandy Holloway president, District 4 member Tony Davis vice president, and District 2 member Kira Orange Jones secretary-treasurer for 2020.

BESE is composed of 11 members. Eight members are elected, one from each of the state’s eight BESE districts, and three members are appointed by the governor to represent the state at-large. Board members serve a four-year term that runs concurrently with the term of the governor. Members of the new Board are as follows:

President, District 3 Member

Ms. Sandy Holloway

Vice President, District 4 Member

Mr. Tony Davis

Secretary-Treasurer, District 2 Member

Ms. Kira Orange Jones

District 1 Member

Mr. James Garvey

District 5 Member

Ms. Ashley Ellis

District 6 Member

Mr. Ronnie Morris

District 7 Member

Dr. Holly Boffy

District 8 Member

Mr. Preston Castille

At-Large Member (appointed by Governor)

Dr. Belinda Davis

At-Large Member (appointed by Governor)

Mr. Thomas Roque

At-Large Member (appointed by Governor)

Ms. Doris Voitier


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Kevin Calbert, Communications Manager

BESE is the administrative policymaking body for elementary and secondary schools in Louisiana. The Board sets key education initiatives and works to outline an education agenda to achieve continuous improvement of public education as measured by student and school achievement.