BESE Meeting Minutes

The office of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education posts the official minutes of BESE's monthly meetings and any called/special meetings only after they have been ratified by Board action. Hard copies are available from the BESE office for $0.25 a page through a written public records request.

2014-12-03 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF258.53 KB Download
2014-10-15 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF308.04 KB Download
2014-08-13 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF279.69 KB Download
2014-07-29 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF165.51 KB Download
2014-07-01 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF183.85 KB Download
2014-06-18 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF302.50 KB Download
2014-05-12 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF156.03 KB Download
2014-04-15 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF439.58 KB Download
2014-03-13 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF167.58 KB Download
2014-01-15 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF294.45 KB Download
2014-03-07 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF241.14 KB Download
2013-12-04 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF314.48 KB Download
2013-10-16 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF306.57 KB Download
2013-08-14 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF285.82 KB Download
2013-06-19 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF470.99 KB Download
2013-04-17 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF282.49 KB Download
2013-03-08 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF288.75 KB Download
2013-01-16 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF263.81 KB Download
2012-12-05 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF318.74 KB Download
2012-10-17 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF319.87 KB Download
2012-08-15 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF296.62 KB Download
2012-07-24 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF160.88 KB Download
2012-06-19 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF329.48 KB Download
2012-04-18 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF291.85 KB Download
2012-03-09 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF261.14 KB Download
2012-02-27 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF164.37 KB Download
2012-01-18 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF267.53 KB Download
2012-01-11 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF154.68 KB Download
2011-12-07 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF296.93 KB Download
2011-10-19 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF203.72 KB Download
2011-08-18 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF342.28 KB Download
2011-08-03 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF199.43 KB Download
2011-06-15 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF374.04 KB Download
2011-04-08 BESE Special Meeting MinutesPDF140.38 KB Download
2011-02-17 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF238.86 KB Download
2011-01-20 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF618.16 KB Download
2010-12-09 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF811.03 KB Download
2010-10-21 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF825.46 KB Download
2010-09-16 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF889.71 KB Download
2010-08-19 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF447.76 KB Download
2010-07-01 BESE Meeting MinutesPDF903.40 KB Download